- Towards the end of the 19th century a Kamolkij business was started in Indochina. Subsequently, the Company’s founder Hia Kwang Iam moved his business to Thailand and, thus, the Kamolkij Group of Companies was established in Bangkok in 1912. Since then the Group has evolved from a riverine transport company through rice milling and commodity trading to become an agricultural related trading and manufacturing concern.

Today, our major interests are in rice export, vegetable oils, animal feed and spa products. Our business lines include

•  Parboiled, white and fragrant rice for export
•  Refined vegetable oils
•  Crude vegetable oils
•  Animal feed products derived from vegetable oil productions
•  Specialty products derived from rice bran and rice bran oil

We are proud to serve the food and agricultural communities around the world and our clientele ranges from small family businesses to large international chain stores, manufacturing concerns and multinational trading firms located throughout the globe. While our annual sales exceed 400,000 tons in volume or more than USD 250 million in value, our products have reached our customers with diverse needs from large quantities by the tens of thousands of tons to a few tons at a time in bulk and retail sizes in response to the clients' ever changing needs both in terms of labeling, packaging and quality specifications.

Kamolkij Group is dynamically expanding and improving on its processing and manufacturing facilities continually in order to provide more excellent products and services to our customers through our innovations and modern technologies while maintaining our unwritten but long established motto of honesty and integrity.

Today, all our vegetable oil and rice bran related activities are merged under one company's name, KASISURI while our rice related business continues under the main group's name of KAMOLKIJ.

Having been in the forefront of the world’s rice export industry for almost a century we can proudly say that we are…

" The Professionals in Rice Since 1912 "

Having been the leading force in the export and promotion of the Rice Bran Oil we can also proudly say that we have attained a certain indisputable
"Excellence in Rice Oil"

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Having been the leading force in the export and promotion of the Rice Bran Oil we proudly say that we have attained a certain "Excellence in Rice Oil"