Premium Rice The importance of rice as a staple food all over the globe might surprise you to know that there are more than 100 different varieties of rice. from these varieties, we have chosen a few best ranges of premium quality rice. The varieties are: Long Grain Red, Short and Long Grain Brown, Sweet Brown and Short Grain Black Rice. Each one contributes special qualities of taste, texture and fragrance.

White Rice
Thai white rice is mostly planted in the central region of Thailand, where the national irrigation system is extensive enabling harvest to reach 2 or 3 crops annually. Thai white rice belongs to Indica long grain type that is often referred to as regular-milled rice whereby the outer husk is removed and the layers of bran milled away until the grain is white. It has a firm texture, is soft, puffy and tasty when cooked. It impresses many consumers who fancy a tasty menu and enjoy spicy dishes. There are more than 100 countries importing Thai white rice making this variety the biggest export volume for Thailand each year.
Jasmine Rice
Thai Hom Mali Rice / Fragrant Rice / Jasmine Rice/ Scented Rice / Aroma Rice are called for the same kind of rice. Jasmine Rice is the best strain of Thai Rice and has its famous reputation from its appearance, texture and aroma well known and accepted all over the world. It is selected from abundant sources of plantation in the North-Eastern regions of Thailand and harvested only once a year during November - January in order to achieve the special characters of Jasmine Rice to be slim, long, silky and shiny grain. After cooking, it becomes soft, appropriately moist while still maintaining its distinctive fragrance.
Thai Pathumthani Fragrant Rice
Thai Pathumthani Fragrant Rice is a new strain of high-yield fragrant Rice which was successfully developed recently. It has a similar appearance and texture to the Thai Jasmine Rice but can be planted in the general irrigational area.
Also known as Sticky Rice or Sweet Rice because after being cooked, it becomes sticky due to the presence of amylase and high amylopectin. Glutinous Rice has a milky colour as its unique character. It is mostly planted in the North of Thailand, where most people in this region consume Glutinous Rice as a main dish. Glutinous Rice is not only suited for many courses of a meal, but it can also be prepared as a dessert.
Thai Cargo Rice
Cargo Rice / Brown Rice / Loonzain Rice are all the names for a kind of long grain rice. It is the long grain rice with only the outer skin, called husk, removed while the inner skin, called bran, is still intact. Hence, all the nutrients in the bran still remain with the cargo rice.


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Other rice product would be offered to consumers apart from jasmine rice such as organic jasmine rice and other rice strains registered with geographical indication (GI).