Since then Rice Bran Oil has gradually gained worldwide acceptance as the versatile,healthy oil due to its inherent properties of having a high smoke point, its balanced fatty acid profile, and the natural antioxidants of Vitamin E, plant sterols and gamma oryzanol which have been shown by many researches to help prevent cholesterol absorption from our diet into our blood stream.

Today, we are Thailand’s most significant and largest exporter of the most premium rice bran oil containing more than 5,000 ppm of the antioxidant gamma oryzanol.

Our rice bran oil refinery has produced almost 20,000 tons of refined rice bran oil annually of various grades depending on the market's needs. Our target expansion to be completed by early 2011 shall see us able to produce almost twice that annual quantity making us the undoubted largest producer of international standard refined rice bran oil.

We have our own brand names of Rice Bran Oil products for 3 main grades as well as other house brands and customers’ brands.

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Kasisuri's business in vegetable oils and related products are now consolidated under the Kasisuri company name. Kasisuri has come a long way many decades past since our first day of venturing into being the first rice bran oil extractor in Thailand by utilizing our own parboiled rice bran from our rice mills